What is manifestation

Unlike what some people think, manifestation is not sitting on the floor surrounded by candles and thinking things into existence.

Manifestation at it’s basic level, in my understanding, is having a positive mindset, setting goals and taking the right actions to make them happen. There are a lot of people who refuse to believe in this kind of things. They will say that it does not work or that the results are because of other things.

I, however, am on the side of the believer. Growing up in a religious family I have always had faith in a higher being. Not necessarily that of God, but something with a higher power, guiding us through life. This does not mean I do not work hard or feel entitled to things. I just know that the world is on my side when I am in the right mindset. Therefore, I am more likely to be guided onto the right path to the life of my dreams.

How does manifestation work?

Manifestation requires focus. It requires belief in yourself, and in the universe/God/whatever higher power you choose to believe in. Meditation, affirmations, visualisation, creating vision boards – these can all help. The main ingredient though, is a positive mindset and concrete goals to work towards. Over the last few months I have been changing up my morning routine to get as much positivity into my body and mindset as I can, and so far it’s been helping quite a bit.

How has manifestation helped me?

In April 2021 I left my job, my house in Abertillery and moved to London to live with my boyfriend. Unemployment was tough, especially on my mindset and bank balance. Although I had no income from work I still had a lot of the same outgoings. Luckily the household bills were covered by my generous partner, but my own expense (car, phone etc) still had to be paid.

I was manifesting my perfect job and for financial stability. In the first month I had a very nice tax rebate which was owed to me from a few years back but was never processed (what are the odds of this perfect timing). After applying for 100’s of jobs via the various job searching sites, employment agencies, interview preparation, a few misleading offers of employment that made me focus even harder on what I wanted from employment and lots of research, I was offered an interview for a role that would incorporate digital marketing, traditional marketing, social media and events (my desired combination) and I GOT IT! I got the job, I started in the July and I am loving it.

An attitude of gratitude

Gratitude and being thankful for all the opportunities that are presented to you is also a great way of receiving further support down the line. Remaining positive, knowing the steps you need to take. Know your why and some options of how but do not turn down unexpected routes. It may be a great way to end up being fast tracked to the life you deserve. Take risks, believe in yourself, trust that the universe has your back.

In the 4 months that I have been focusing more on manifestation I have;

  • Landed the job I asked for, that most employers said I was not qualified for
  • Got promoted before I even started the role
  • Had a huge increase in my credit score
  • Had free gifts from companies I’ve been shopping with for years and not had rewards from before
  • My self confidence and self belief has increased
  • My imposter syndrome and anxiety has lessened, as have the amount of my depressive episodes

It has not been easy by any means. I wake up earlier than I ever used to in order to make these changes. I have been focusing harder on my goals and the various ways in which I can achieve them. There is still work to do but I am feeling thankful for the progress I have already made and for the actions I will be making in the near future.

Struggling to manifest?

If you struggle keeping yourself focused on your goals, why not ask a friend or someone who has already achieved what you aim for to be an accountability partner. You could even form a group to support each other. Reading books about those who have achieved what you are looking to do can help. Self development books and podcasts have helped me to upgrade my mindset too.

What does manifestation mean to you? How do you manifest in your daily lives? How has it helped you or someone you know?

Thank you for reading this post, I appreciate every one of you. I hope that today you are able to get another step closer to your dream life.

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