You’ve started the very, very first things you need to consider on your homeownership journey. Now you can move on to the things that really make you feel like a “proper” adult.

  • Finding the right estate agent
  • Finding the right mortgage broker
  • Searching for the perfect property

As I mentioned in my previous blog, having people around you who have newly purchased a property (or who are also looking), can be very beneficial to you. Especially if they’re looking or bought in a similar area.

Recommendations for good mortgage brokers and estate agents are priceless. Having a great team of helpful individuals can help lower the stress of buying a property. Make use of your network of knowledge, ask for help, advice and information from everywhere you can get it. Homeownership is a tricky milestone to complete but will be so worth it when you have your own home.

Unfortunately, I cannot help you much more with this side of things. This part is mostly down to specifics e.g. location, budget, and property details. However, with the right people around you and a deep Google search, I am positive you can navigate this step successfully and be another step closer to the life you deserve.

After all the legal things, mortgage brokers, property searches and viewings. Going through all the additional charges, contracts and small print. Then there are some other things I recommend looking into before you pick up your keys.

  • home and contents insurance
  • life insurance
  • furniture
  • home furnishings
  • internet
  • electric
  • gas
  • water
  • starting the address change process

Hopefully, this short blog entry has given you food for thought. That it helps you to get closer to the life you imagine and manifest for yourself. You are worthy of living your dream life, so keep on dream believing.

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