Aspirations for my future

Aspirations for my future

Future aspirations – putting them out into the universe

Several of the books and podcasts I’ve been reading/listening to recently have mentioned ways to help you achieve your future aspirations. How to live the life you want. I am always willing to have a look how a dream life becomes a reality. Something that was mentioned in most, is the notion of speaking your dreams out into the universe. To be specific in what you want out of life and why. However, you don’t need to know the full story of how, the universe will help you along the way.

As a believer in faith I have always liked this idea. The idea that everything is possible you just have to find the right way of attracting it. A lot of authors and coaches have mentioned that ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’. It also seems to be true to find your life’s calling as well.

Visualising your dreams/future aspirations isn’t going to be enough though. Sadly reading your paragraph about your ideal life every day isn’t going to make it happen.

Can you imagine if that’s all it took? Not quite sure if that would be a good thing or not…

According to the books you have to believe your dream life is already yours. You have to live as if you have already achieved it. Take active steps to get closer to it but keep asking the universe for added assistance as well. The universe may have a better route planned out for you. However, you won’t know unless you give it a try.

Take time to work out what it is you really want out of life and why. Write it down. Tell people. Hold yourself accountable to achieve these dreams. Watch as they come into fruition. I doubt it will be a fast transition, but patience is a virtue after all. All good things come to those who wait (as long as you’re working towards it at the same time). Find your middle ground between wishing on a star and living just to work (think Princess and the Frog).

With all of this in mind I thought I should put my dreams out there. Hold myself accountable. Speak it into the universe and post it to the world wide web. Here goes…

Future employment aspirations

I am a self-employed events planner. Working from home most of the time but networking and attending meetings where it needs to be in person. I have a small team of amazing people around me and a network of incredible businesses and individuals whom I work with regularly. My hours are flexible. I can support my family and take time off when needed. Travelling around the world is a keen hobby of mine. Due to this flexibility I can keep on top of my physical and mental health, this means I am in the best shape to be able to help others.

working from home

We mostly cater for weddings but we also plan other celebrations and both private and public events too. Wedding season we are super busy. In the quieter months I use the down time to meet up with new businesses trying to make their way in the world to add to my network. This gives my clients more options and it allows me to expand my network across the UK.

Starting off with the connections I already had in South Wales and the London area, that’s where my initial events were based. As my business grew we were able to start planning events across England and Wales and eventually spread to parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland as well.

My website attracts a high number of visitors every month. Our calendar is booked at least a year in advance in most cases. I have created several online courses, e-books and other products which have proven popular. I am making enough money to pay for home improvements, more holidays and save for my children’s futures. Having my own business has enabled me to support my extended family as well, I have helped them achieve their dreams too.

Future housing aspirations

We live in the country, in a very cosy, yet modern country home. Log cabin-esque on the outside but lots of character on the inside with all the mod cons. We have a huge open hearth in the living room, a shaggy rug and sofas you can lounge on for hours. Due to my kind of employment there is a study/work room in the house. Because of my love of music and to fuel my need to continue singing there is a soundproofed music room as well.

future house aspirations from Pinterest
How many of you dream of living somewhere like this?

Outside there are several ‘zones’ of land. We have an allotment where we grow most of our own fruit, vegetables and herbs. A tranquillity garden with a water feature in the middle. There is a lake that runs along the back of our house, we use the water for the gardens and animals and can filter it for our own consumption if we want to. We have noticed a few fish swimming through on a few occasions so we could also catch our dinner too. It’s fun to paddle your feet in and we have had many river days in the summers.

Wildflowers, foxgloves and a willow tree grow in our wildlife garden (among other things). There are bug houses, drinking areas, bird feeders and all sorts to encourage wildlife.

Future family aspirations

I have two children and a loving partner who supports me in my self-employment and constant need to improve my business. We have a dog, two cats and a few chickens. I am tempted to start rearing goats and pigs too but will see what happens there. For many years I have loved the idea of being self sufficient, our home has helped me start that journey.

black and white image of two children hugging

The children have been very hands on and curious about our allotment and wildlife areas. Both have been active in helping me maintain them since they were very little.

We are able to go on at least two holidays a year and have managed to visit somewhere on every continent. Learning about how other people live and experiencing the different cultures around the world has been incredible. Showing the children first-hand the infinite possibilities they have access to, and seeing how far their imagination and ambition can go, is another wonderful feeling.

My why

After reading what I visualise, you may not see the true reasons behind it. Ultimately? Health and motherhood.

I want to have a healthy relationship with my work, mind, body and my loved ones. Having the ambition to go after what I need out of life and to move forward despite hardships and daily mental battles, I think, would be a great example for my children as well as others around me. This in turn motivates me to make it a reality.

For me to have a healthy relationship with work I need to be able to work flexibly. To have the ability to spend as much time with my family as possible. Take time for my mental health when needed. Be able to go on regular holidays. Creating a healthier work-life balance. Knowing when my own energy needs topping up and when I can help others with theirs.

Having my own business will make this difficult initially due to the huge investments of time, money and energy, I know this. Further down the line it may be difficult as everything will be my responsibility, but that is why I have started my journey now. It gives me time to set up a fledgling business and for it to grow at its own pace. Then I can start hiring my team.

I plan to be working remotely so will be at home with my family and be there when they need me. Hopefully I can have a fully developed business and a small team underneath me before my children grow up too much.


I have always wanted to be a mum. This has been what I’ve believed to be my main purpose in life for many years. Becoming a mum doesn’t necessarily mean the traditional route of getting pregnant and physically bringing new life into the world. There are many different ways a person can become a parent. The universe can decide the best method for me and when the time is right, but I know that it will happen.

I have not written down what kind of parent I will be. In my opinion it will depend on when and how I become a parent, who is supporting me and what each child is like. Also, I see so many videos comparing what people thought they would be like as parents. It is often vastly different from what ended up happening, so I’m going to let that element decide for itself too.

future family aspirations - baby feet and two sets of adults hands making a heart


map. notebook. camera. photos. sunglasses. holiday planning

The last part of my why is travel. I have always longed to explore the world and experience new cultures. Travelling opens your mind, helps your attitude of gratitude and is a great source of knowledge. I’ve always wanted to see as much of the world as possible and to experience that alongside my partner and our children would be an amazing feeling.

My aspirations for the future and the goals I have, I believe, will help my mental health, my self belief and confidence. Plus the more cultures, life styles, people and ideas I can observe and learn about (and from), the more influences I can choose from in the events I create for my clients.

Do you have goals set for your future? What do you visualise? What are your reasons why?

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